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COVID-19 Response Plan

Hauser's is proud to remain open as an essential service in every province in which we operate. We are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our clients, patients and associates during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to welcome a limited number of customers and patients (unless otherwise indicated) and offer scheduled appointments at our Home Healthcare locations for assessments, repairs, etc.. as well as offer free delivery to all of Hamilton, Haldimand-Norfolk  and Brant Counties and the Niagara Region.   

What We’re Doing

Visitor Policy: Currently we are limiting the number of walk-in visitors to our facilities to reduce touch points and allow for the appropriate time to conduct sanitization between visits. Clients are recommended to book an appointment in advance where possible and will be required to participate in a pre-screening prior to entering and must wear a fitted face covering for the duration of the visit.

Face Coverings: Hauser's requires that all visitors to our locations wear a fitted mask or face covering for the duration of their visit and strongly recommends the wearing of a fitted mask or face covering during in-home visits. Employees will also be required to wear a fitted mask or face covering at all times.  

Pre-Screening Protocol: Hauser's associates will conduct a quick pre-screening for every individual before appointments and all walk-in visits to our locations to better understand the risk of proceeding. 

Hand-Washing/ Sanitizing Guidelines: Hauser's associates have been trained in proper hand hygiene (e.g. wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) and technique posters have been installed in our facilities. There are also numerous hand sanitizing stations throughout our locations and at every entrance and exit as well as our washroom facilities to allow patrons to clean hands with a 70-90% alcohol-based hand rub.

Facility Cleaning: While the cleaning of our shared spaces is scheduled regularly, we’re taking additional precautionary measures by conducting more frequent sanitizing of these areas.

Equipment Cleaning: Additional supplies for infectious control are used to ensure that all equipment entering our facilities is bagged and tagged according to the sanitization that is required and then bagged and labelled as sanitized upon return to our clients and partner facilities.

Personal Protective Equipment: Items such as masks, gloves, and protective coverings have been introduced for all employees as well as sanitizing equipment.

Associate Self-Assessments, Self-Isolation & Disclosure: We have introduced mandatory daily electronic self-assessments including temperature checks for all Hauser's associates at the start of each shift. Should a potential risk be identified, employees will be required to contact their manager, stay at home, asked to call their public health unit, and follow the guidelines outlined including COVID testing and isolation. The employee must not report to work until discussing next steps with their manager.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and play. Hauser's commitment to serve its communities remains the same.  Remember: We offer free delivery to all areas of Hamilton, Haldimand-Norfolk and Brant Counties as well as all of the Niagara Region. Hauser's remains committed to providing the best health and well-being of our clients, patients and employees. As the situation continues to evolve, we will provide further updates as new information becomes available.

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