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Hauser’s Pharmacy celebrates 5,000th dose
of COVID-19 vaccine


 Pictured above, Tyler Janzen, Dunnville resident makes history as he receives his second dose of the covid-19 vaccine marking the 5,000th shot administered at  Hauser’s Pharmacy Dunnville. 

Dunnville, On - Having been at the start of the global pandemic, the local voice championing the need to get pharmacies administering the Covid-19 vaccine to the community, Phil Hauser, President and Pharmacist of Hauser’s Pharmacy alongside his pharmacy team can now celebrate another milestone - their 5,000th shot of the covid-19 vaccine administered.

“We have a terrific, supportive team here at Hauser’s, each and every one, they mobilize and pivot as quickly as possible providing seamless service and care to our regular patients and also remain completely focused on ensuring our community is kept safe through these trying times by ensuring the Covid-19 vaccine is administered safely and effectively in a caring environment.” Hauser says.

The warm welcoming environment at Hauser’s pharmacies across the Haldimand-Norfolk and Hamilton areas differ from the standard clinics and centres administering their shots. A warm welcome greets customers as they enter and quite often you are called by name as they fill in their paperwork.

“We continue to receive high praises from those seeking the vaccine here. Not a day goes by that patients don’t reach out to us through social media, text, e-mail or phone calls to offer and share compliments about their experience here and being able to be completely vaccinated or for their first dose.” he added.

“This is a fantastic milestone for our pharmacy and communities, vaccinations offer hope to all of us and as more in our community receive first and second doses of vaccine, the better protection we all have for our families and ourselves. With each milestone we achieve together, we move that much closer to getting back to some measure of normalcy,”

Hauser’s Pharmacy locations in Hamilton at 1010 Upper Wentworth, Hagersville at 30 Main Street North and in Dunnville at 140 Broad Street East are encouraging all members of the community ages 12+ who would like a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to walk-in to complete their vaccine series. The pharmacies also continue to offer walk-ins for first doses, and booked first and second dose appointments.

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